10th December 2014


Enchantedchilli Ltd. is able to offer a wide arrange of technology services. These include:

  • Mobile App Development (Android/IOS Devices)
  • Web Development
  • IT Project Management
  • ERP Implementation
  • C# Software Development
  • SQL Server Development inc. SSIS, SSRS
  • WordPress Development
  • IT Support


Mobile App Development

The way we use mobile devices has changed dramatically in the last 10 or so years (I remember when they were just phones). These days the majority of us have a smart phone and use them prolifically for playing games, tracking budgets, reading books and even as GPS devices. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that phones, these days, are used far more for their apps than as an actual phones. For that reason many businesses have already created apps as another way to reach their customers.

We have worked with a number of clients in Chichester and West Sussex, most notably Deltex Medical Ltd., to produce state of the art mobile applications for Apple and Android devices. Please use to contact form below for more information.

Web Development

The web is everywhere. Everywhere! For some businesses a physical presence on the high street is no longer necessary thanks to the web. The web has rendered many things obsolete which makes it ever more important for businesses to have some sort of web based presence. But it goes much further than that.

For some all that is necessary is a brochure-style website. A simple website that shows customers the services on offer and how to get in contact. But for other an e-commerce platform is necessary in order to allow customers to place orders and track deliveries etc.. Enchantedchilli will work with your business to provide the best solution at the right price. We have experience developing web application with the following:

  • Estate Agents
  • Manufacturing web reporting and KPI dashboard solutions
  • Manufacturing Shop Floor Data Capture
  • Manufacturing Quality Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Amazon AWS product advertising api
  • Company Intranets
  • WordPress
  • Sharepoint
  • Basic web sites

Most recently our clients include Southernbrook Lettings Ltd., based in chichester. For Southernbrook Lettings Ltd. we created a bespoke website with property search functionality.

We have also created a free classified ad site for yacht and boat owners called Jalopy Boats. This extends our Jalopy range including the car site and app at Jalopy Cars.

We are also working on an Amazon Product Advertising solution for: