Scrolling Shooter Tutorial – Corona SDK – Part 1

A little while ago I released a very mediocre game called Luftwaffe using Corona SDK. It was quite poor for a variety of reasons that we will address with this tutorial. The game is current only available on Android but we will also make an Iphone version in a different tutorial. The game can be downloaded from the Google Play store here.

What was wrong with it?

Go ahead and have a look at it then think about what is wrong with it and what would make it better. This is quite an important exercise as it gets you to really think about what a good game should be. My list is as follows:

  • No introduction or backstory to get the player hooked
  • No instructions
  • No music
  • “D-pad” control method doesn’t work particularly well
  • Game play isn’t exactly “Action Packed”
  • No levels
  • No high score or incentive system
  • Not enough variety

It is also quite slow because I think I didn’t use sprite sheets.

There are probably many other things but I think that these are the main points. Now if you compare these findings to a game that you know is good you can see the gaps. So what we are going to do is completely rewrite this game and make it much better tackling each aspect and creating reusable routines that could be applied to many other types of game.

When I originally created this game I made the classic mistake of just jumping in with the coding. This time we will start by actually designing the game properly before we ever get near any code.

Note: One of the biggest problems for an independent games developer is the need to be pretty good at not just programming but graphics, sound, writing, game design, and the list goes on. If you are able to partner up with someone who can help with any of that stuff it would be good, or try and design your game in a way that lends itself well to what you are able to acheive – doodle-styled games are a good example of this.

More to follow….


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