.Net Core EntityFramework Identity with MySQL

With the release of .Net Core I am now able to ditch my Windows laptop (sorry but I’m a Mac fan – they just work). And, it’s also great that Microsoft have released a Mac version of Visual Studio. This is exciting but the Mac version isn’t quite as good as its Windows counterpart, yet. One of the things it does not have is a template that creates a web application that uses .Net Core EntityFramework Identity for individual user accounts. That’s ok, we can easily wire that up and use it with MySQL as the persistence layer. In this video I take you through creating a web application project and adding the necessary code to get Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.Entityframework up and running. In future videos I will show you how to implement register and login pages. But if you don’t want to wait for me to finish them you can largely copy the code from a project created by the windows version of Visual Studio. Please bear in mind that there is a difference between the .Net Core 1.x project and the .Net Core 2.x so please check this article for details on how to migrate.

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