19th December 2014

Current Apps

We currently have the following apps available either on the Apple store or Google Play


Jalopy is currently our most successful app with thousands of downloads and active users globally. It is a detailed car troubleshooting app that will help you identify issues with you car. It also has a list of generic ODB2 fault codes as well a links to the Jalopy online store. This app will be expanded in future to include fuel consumption tacking and other features.

Get it on Google Play

Tappy Chilli

Tappy Chilli is a Flappy Birds clone that I use as a basis for tutorials in a variety of technologies. Current versions have been completed with SpriteKit and Spritbuilder, Corona SDK and there will soon be a Unity version that I am using as a basis for 3D and 2D tutorials. It is also quite fun, although somewhat impossible on Android (But that’s by design!).

Get it on Google Play

Payment Split Calculator

Payment Split Calculator was my first app and done in order to gain familiarity with Apple App submission process. It is a simple app that calculates peoples share of a restaurant bill including tip.

Chilli Conga

Chilli Conga is a clone of the old snakes game and built of my adaption of the game framework taught in the book Beginning Android Games which I refer to through my tutorials. The book is a very complete introduction to game design and programming and I highly recommend it.

Get it on Google Play

Apps Coming Soon


Alcohol is an app designed to help you keep track of how much alcohol you are consuming with an estimate of how long it will take to be out of your system. It is designed purely as an awareness app. Hopefully if you use this app it will help you to reduce your alcohol intake.


Details of this app will be coming soon.

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