Creating business applications with Unity

As I get older I have to admit that I am becoming less tolerant to technological change. Take Objective C as an example. For years Apple told us what a great language it was. So, I tried, and I tried, and eventually I got used to its weirdness until I finally got it; and I too came to appreciate it. Then they bring out bloody Swift, and now that’s the hot potato. But I’m sorry, enough! I hate Swift. All the null checking and the fact that Xcode goes bananas with error hints every time you type something – if you know it’s wrong just bloody change it! Not to mention that you have barely got some code written when Xcode updates and now every function or class has been depreciated. I can’t be dealing with that anymore; I just want the app done!

For me, C# is language perfection. Well, sort of. It’s got fault, I know that, but still… So naturally Xamarin seems like a good choice, and it probably is. But it’s really fragile. It’s really easy to type something wrong in a manifest and then have the whole build fail because of an undecipherable error. After 4 hours of searching StackOverflow you discover it is because of a missing comma.


So I decided to use Unity

Most of you will know Unity as an amazingly power 3D games development platform – which it is. But there’s no reason why you can’t use it to develop business apps too! It lends itself to some obvious sectors such as architectural visualization and maybe medical also, but you could also use it to create business dashboards. People have managed to create text-adventures with it so the possibility to input data is also there.

I will be porting one of my business apps to Unity. The main reason being that Unity is nice to use and nice to develop with (especially with Visual Studio integration) but also because of its cross-compatibility. It pretty much runs on anything!

So to that end I through I would address a common need for business apps (and games, really) and that is getting data from a web server.  I have created this video to show you the basics

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