Corona SDK LevelHelper 2 Pro Tutorial

I think I have mentioned before that Corona SDK is now free. And it is probably the easiest route into cross-platform mobile development. It utilises the Lua scripting language (an industry standard in gaming) and is incredibly powerful. Where Corona SDK isn’t quite as strong as something like Unity (3D capabilities aside) is in the IDE side of things.

Corona Editor

The standard “IDE” for Corona SDK is the Corona Editor plugin for Sublime text, and it does a fantastic job – I use it myself. But for layout out scenes and doing physics etc you need something more powerful. this is where LevelHelper 2 Pro comes in. Visit here to see details and obtain a trial.

LevelHelper 2

Levelhelper 2 is not only available for Corona SDK, it also has version for Cocos2d and Spritekit. But as the focus of this series is Corona SDK we will not be concerned with those others.

This is an excellent tool but it is not quite as seamless as we might hope, but please don’t let that put you off as I’m going to take you through how to use it with this Corona SDK LevelHelper 2 Pro Tutorial.

Check out this video

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