Server-Side Apple Store Receipt Verification with C#

So, you have created a great app that uses a back-end web service with premium content available via an in-app purchase. The problem is that somebody has figured out the link to your web service and now everyone is stealing your premium content! Well, there are a number of options but one of the most Read more about Server-Side Apple Store Receipt Verification with C#[…]

How to create a graph using a custom Swift UIView – Part 1

I’ve always wanted to create my own custom Swift UIView (or Objective-c) chart class, so I’m going to! It also gives me a chance to talk about object orientated programming; after all, that isn’t a subject that’s been done to death. Protocols In good object oriented design, our graph class should only contain the necessary code in Read more about How to create a graph using a custom Swift UIView – Part 1[…]

SpriteKit Level Designer – Part 2

UPDATE – I’d like to throw this tutorial up for discussion. The method I have shown below is something of an experiment that works, but it may not be the best way so in the interests of furthering knowledge I would be very interested to see what everyone thinks. In the first part of this Read more about SpriteKit Level Designer – Part 2[…]

Xcode SpriteKit Level Designer

This will be a quick tutorial to get you started with the Sprite Kit level designer built into Xcode. IOS and Sprite Kit are obviously quite new and the documentation doesn’t seem to have quite caught up just yet, or at least I couldn’t find much at the time of writing this. In fact I Read more about Xcode SpriteKit Level Designer[…]