.Net Core EntityFramework Identity with MySQL

With the release of .Net Core I am now able to ditch my Windows laptop (sorry but I’m a Mac fan – they just work). And, it’s also great that Microsoft have released a Mac version of Visual Studio. This is exciting but the Mac version isn’t quite as good as its Windows counterpart, yet. Read more about .Net Core EntityFramework Identity with MySQL[…]

Create A Business Intelligence Suite

Many of the organisation I work for are heavily reliant on reports, or dashboards in order to run their businesses, but not all of them can afford to implement data warehouses or business intelligence┬ásystems such as Business Objects or Cognos. Some of these systems can run into the thousands and for a lot of businesses Read more about Create A Business Intelligence Suite[…]

Entity Framework Many to Many relationships

Entity Framework The more I use it, the more I love it! In fact, I’ve been developing with the .Net Framework and C# since version 1.1 and it just keeps getting better and better. I was a bit slow to adopt MVC and even slower to adopt Entity Framework, but now I have I can’t Read more about Entity Framework Many to Many relationships[…]