Beginning Android Games Development

Book Review Beginning Android Games

I don’t often do a book review, but when I do… No seriously, I don’t, especially for technology books. In some cases they are out of date before the milk in my fridge has made a spirited effort to turn into cheese. But some, and I admit not many, are not only great books but Read more about Book Review Beginning Android Games[…]

Android Widgets Seekbar

In this series of tutorials I’m going to take you through how to use all the Android Widgets, starting with the Seekbar. I have another series started that is concerned with Android Data Binding, and that series will eventual supercede what is covered here, but then again some people may stay with this style of Read more about Android Widgets Seekbar[…]

Android Data Binding

I wanted to start a series of tutorials on using Android Widgets but as I have not done any Android development for a few months I figured I’d better refresh my knowledge. I quickly discovered that there was a new(?) technology call Data Binding that allowed for declarative layouts. It looked interesting. I started following Read more about Android Data Binding[…]

Implementing Interstitial Ad’s on Android

This is going to be a “quick tip” kind of tutorial just to clear up how to get interstitial ads on Android working. Interstitial, that’s a funny word. Interstitial ads are the type that display full screen. It is probably best not to over use these as they can be irritating for the user. I Read more about Implementing Interstitial Ad’s on Android[…]