Beginning Android Games Development

Book Review Beginning Android Games

I don’t often do a book review, but when I do… No seriously, I don’t, especially for technology books. In some cases they are out of date before the milk in my fridge has made a spirited effort to turn into cheese. But some, and I admit not many, are not only great books but Read more about Book Review Beginning Android Games[…]

Deploy a .net core app on a linux host like 1and1

Deploy .Net Core App on a Linux Host like 1and1

It’s an exciting time for C-Sharpers, we are no longer doomed to a world of expensive hosting solutions – seriously, Azure (although great) was costing me a fortune. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to deploy a net core app on a linux host, such as those provided by 1and1 and other linux Read more about Deploy .Net Core App on a Linux Host like 1and1[…]

.Net Core EntityFramework Identity with MySQL

With the release of .Net Core I am now able to ditch my Windows laptop (sorry but I’m a Mac fan – they just work). And, it’s also great that Microsoft have released a Mac version of Visual Studio. This is exciting but the Mac version isn’t quite as good as its Windows counterpart, yet. Read more about .Net Core EntityFramework Identity with MySQL[…]

Creating business applications with Unity

As I get older I have to admit that I am becoming less tolerant to technological change. Take Objective C as an example. For years Apple told us what a great language it was. So, I tried, and I tried, and eventually I got used to its weirdness until I finally got it; and I Read more about Creating business applications with Unity[…]

C# adding authentication header to a webrequest

I have to be honest, some of these posts are more for my benefit that yours, so this is more of a reminder for me. In a recent project that called external web API’s extensively I needed to add an authentication header to some of the calls. I decided the best way was to extend Read more about C# adding authentication header to a webrequest[…]

Server-Side Apple Store Receipt Verification with C#

So, you have created a great app that uses a back-end web service with premium content available via an in-app purchase. The problem is that somebody has figured out the link to your web service and now everyone is stealing your premium content! Well, there are a number of options but one of the most Read more about Server-Side Apple Store Receipt Verification with C#[…]

Telerik Kendo UI MVC – Multiselect pre-populate selected values

I love Telerik’s Kendo UI MVC controls. In fact I love them so much I even paid for my own copy of them – that’s saying something. But anyway, let’s get on to the purpose of this article. I’m not actually going to describe it in this post but I am going to point you Read more about Telerik Kendo UI MVC – Multiselect pre-populate selected values[…]

MVC Kendo Grid Conditional Cell Formatting

Over recent weeks I have been using the excellent Telrik UI for MVC. It appears a little pricey but offers excellent controls and saved weeks of development time. The grid is particularly excellent and tremendously flexible. the documentation is very complete but it isn’t always entirely obvious how to achieve certain things: one of those is grid conditional cell Read more about MVC Kendo Grid Conditional Cell Formatting[…]