10th December 2014

About Jason Hoyle

Jason HoyleMy Love of Software Development

This is my personal blog for software development. In general, it is there for sharing knowledge but also as a form of documentation for me. Many of you will know that from time to time you develop a solution or discover a workaround that you then subsequently forget, well this is my way of keeping track of all those things.

I have been developing C# and the .net framework for many years now Рin fact since version 1.1, I think. But I have an interest in all things development and therefore often dabble in other languages and technologies. I mainly develop with Asp.net/MVC frameworks and SQL but I also often develop with IOS and Java (Android). Originally I started with Basic on a Dragon 32 and then moved to a procedural basic and even tried machine language.

About My Career

I have worked in IT roles for over 23 years, 10 of which have been purely software development and therefore the most fun. I have been fortunate enough to be involved with some very interesting and challenging projects, most of which in the manufacturing industry – first food and now aerospace.

For my career I have often developed mobile, web, Windows and OSX applications. Also, a large part of my job is concerned with extracting information from ERP systems for financial or manufacturing/production applications, so SQL features quite highly in what I do. Working in manufacturing is great as it provides so many opportunities to develop software that has a direct and tangible benefit; and there is exposure to some very cool equipment too!

I’m always open to learning new things and hopefully this blog will be a vehicle to that end. I welcome comments and new ideas about how to do things so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Jason Hoyle

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