Scrolling Shooter Tutorial – Corona SDK – Part 1

A little while ago I released a very mediocre game called Luftwaffe using Corona SDK. It was quite poor for a variety of reasons that we will address with this tutorial. The game is current only available on Android but we will also make an Iphone version in a different tutorial. The game can be Read more about Scrolling Shooter Tutorial – Corona SDK – Part 1[…]

MVC Dynamic Menus and Custom Routes – Part 2

In part 1 of this blog we set up a dynamic menu loaded from a model, but we did nothing with routing. If you open up the _departments.cshtml file we created before you’ll see that we created the links like this

This is defining a link that is calling no action with a controller Read more about MVC Dynamic Menus and Custom Routes – Part 2[…]

Dynamic Menus and Custom MVC Routing – Part 1

Maybe it’s because the Christmas spirit has addled my brain but I’m not entirely sure the title of this blog is clear, but I’m sticking with it! I’ve been working on a project creating a company intranet, the primary goal of which is to deliver reporting functionality. Reports will be by department but I don’t Read more about Dynamic Menus and Custom MVC Routing – Part 1[…]

SpriteKit Level Designer – Part 2

UPDATE – I’d like to throw this tutorial up for discussion. The method I have shown below is something of an experiment that works, but it may not be the best way so in the interests of furthering knowledge I would be very interested to see what everyone thinks. In the first part of this Read more about SpriteKit Level Designer – Part 2[…]

Using Chart.JS with Asp.Net MVC 5 – Part 1

HTML5 has opened up so many cool possibilities, one of them being Chart.js. There have been times past in my career when I would have killed for something like this — well maybe not killed, but a savage beating would have been well warranted. I realise there are other charts out there, but I like Read more about Using Chart.JS with Asp.Net MVC 5 – Part 1[…]

Xcode SpriteKit Level Designer

This will be a quick tutorial to get you started with the Sprite Kit level designer built into Xcode. IOS and Sprite Kit are obviously quite new and the documentation doesn’t seem to have quite caught up just yet, or at least I couldn’t find much at the time of writing this. In fact I Read more about Xcode SpriteKit Level Designer[…]

Characters with health bars – Corona SDK

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to implement a sprite class with health-bar functionality (sounds like a very weird bar). The end result should be something like this Whilst we are going to use OOP techniques (Object Oriented Programming) this is not an Lua OOP tutorial, there are many of those out Read more about Characters with health bars – Corona SDK[…]

Implementing Interstitial Ad’s on Android

This is going to be a “quick tip” kind of tutorial just to clear up how to get interstitial ads on Android working. Interstitial, that’s a funny word. Interstitial ads are the type that display full screen. It is probably best not to over use these as they can be irritating for the user. I Read more about Implementing Interstitial Ad’s on Android[…]